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It is the year 2010. The three musicians Jens (bass), Martin (guitar) and Martin (drums) are ready to step up to the plate! They found the band "Port of Rock". The band name "Port of Rock" stands for the full range of music from rock to metal and that the band does not want to pigeonhole them self! First, at the drummer’s home, they developed a few songs, but they are quick on the uptake that working at home is not always that effective. They are looking for a practice room and find it in the beginning of 2011. The three musicians meet regularly and play merrily, happy for them self. But the desire for new combatant is getting stronger by and by. Mid-2012 has finally come! Knut (vocals and keyboards) and Andreas (guitar) join the band and get faster settle in than expected. Now they are five musicians who want to share their own good “hard and heavy” rock songs with the world. All news and information will publish on this website. So, check back soon and keep informed. Greetings to all, Port of Rock
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